Blood Work Analysis

Scientist at work in a laboratory
Scientist at work in a laboratory

What is a blood test analysis?

At total body wellness and chiropractic we are now offering a total comprehensive lab work up for $65. We test for the common biomarkers as well as the often missed but essential nutrients such as B1, B6, magnesium, phosphorus, and other inflammatory markers. More often than not the essential nutrients testing is left out of your annual bloodwork prescribed from your physician. 

Our blood is the river of life, it carries oxygen and important nutrients that are vital to your health. Understanding your blood chemistry is half the battle in accomplishing optimal health.

If you're experiencing





Brain Fog

Decreased energy


You may have a nutrient deficiency that can easily be fixed with dietary changes & lifestyle changes

There is nothing routine about this service. You will receive a detailed 64 page summary of your results and have a complete understanding of what exactly is happening in your blood and how it affects your health!

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You can still be normal and not well

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